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Our tour in beautiful Rwanda

In February 2020 we joined an amazing tour for travel agents aimed to show us the touristic options in Rwanda

We found an amazing country, small but full of great attractions and tourist opportunities

Rwanda has a diversity of landscapes, jungles and cloud forests, high volcanoes, big lakes and islands, and also Savana landscapes.

In Nyungwe forest, we joined local guides to look for the wonderful Colobus monkeys, black and white hiding up in the trees and we took an amazing walk in the forest on the canopy bridges above the trees. On the way, we had the opportunity to meet the local tea plantations farmers.

In Kivu lake, we took a lovely boat ride for an island hopping tour, trekked up the top of the hill for a wonderful view of the lake and tai chi over the hill, and met the local farmers and fishing community.

In Musanze we had the greatest of all adventures,  a  once in a lifetime meeting with the mighty Gorillas in the volcanoes park, on the border with Congo. We did a 5 hours trek high up the mountain, escorted by friendly rangers holding our hand in the slippery mud.

In the big Akegera reserve, we drove a whole day an adventurous game drive to look for the big 5.

Kigali is the center and the beating heart of Rwanda, a modern city where we had the chance to see old and new together.

But what i liked most in Rwanda are the people, kind and smiling. This country overcame the civil war and terrible Genocide and now gives place and peace for every human being.

I was very impressed with the women’s role in Rwanda, so much is done to empower women and it is very exciting to visit the women communities and to buy from them and see how they live.

There are direct flights between Telaviv and Rwanda, our airplane pilot was a woman, captain eve, who brought us safely and smoothly to Kigali.

We are waiting for the skies to open, and for flights to resume.

I really suggest to everyone to check out this beautiful destination, not yet run by millions of tourists, a small country but big in spirit.


Travel agency Managerlachish Tours ltd

At the end of February 2020, at the very last few days of the world’s innocence, when everyone was yet to believe what the Covid – 19 was about to do, I left my home and went to get to know Rwanda.

Rwanda is a beautiful, versatile, and special country, rich with things to do, see and explore. Vibrant markets, stunning sceneries and wildlife, but the most special about Rwanda is its people: their fascinating culture and way of life, their warm welcome wherever I went and their Rwandan pride. The people of Rwanda are proud at their country and happy to share it with the world.

The most memorable experiences from my trip were the encounters with the Rwandans; The nightly sail on Kivu lake on a small fishermen boat, meeting the inspiring women from the coffee corporative or wondering in a remote village on the coast of lake Burera after a wanderfull sail.

Beautiful Rwanda Tours took care of all the logistics, the local tour guides, and every other aspect of my trip, big or small, and made my experience pleasant and carefree. Beautiful Rwanda Tours are an excellent base for a truly amazing and unforgettable trip.

By Rovikaplan, a Tour guide